Easy Week Night Dinners Brats and Cube Steaks

Salsa FC

I know how to make sausage, and now that I’ve seen how laws are made, I’ll stick with sausage.
Tom Colicchio 

This past weekend I made two easy recipes one from Adam Perry Lang and the other from Fine Cooking.  APL’s bratwurst and with “fortified” sauerkraut a fantastic grilled dish suitable for a pool party or even grilling on the beach.  You can choose to use a use a variety of sausages and hot dogs.  I tried Boars’ Head brand bratwurst for the first time quite different from the sausage-like brats in the meat cases at the super market.  While the brats and sausages were already fully cooked, I still simmered them in the broth for a few minutes as the recipe suggests and grilled them to get some nice grill marks on them.

Bratwurst and Smoked Sausage I

I also bought the Boar’s Head brand sauerkraut, my new favorite sauerkraut.  The sauerkraut can be prepared and cooked on the grill in a pan suitable for the grill, toss the grilled sausages into the sauerkraut when finished and serve with toasted buns with plenty of good mustard.

Parmesan-Panko Steaks

The second recipe from Fine Cooking was Parmesan-Panko crusted steaks served with a fresh tomato salsa.  While I have never been a big, fan of “cube steak” because I find it too tough and I remedied that by asking the butcher to run a sirloin steak through their tenderizer.  The result is a very tender steak.  I did not stick to the recipe for the salsa, I used my recipe for an Italian salsa cruda, a few more ingredients, but the basic one in the recipe goes nicely with the steaks.  Parsley, basil, a pinch of marjoram, grated cheese, capers and a touch of EVOO are good additions and any left is great on pasta or used for bruschetta.

Here are the links to the original recipes: