Pan Seared Grouper in White Wine + Olive Sauce


“Our memories of the ocean will linger on, long after our footprints in the sand are gone.”

I love crossing the bridge to the island even on a dreary frigid sundown kinda day…

I think that I spied one lonely fisherman (he probably loves it that way), but the wind was gearing up for gale force and I couldn’t cross that bridge fast enough.  The seafood market while appropriately stocked for the locals would have been wiped out of everything had there been tourists around so I was lucky to come away with a nice piece of very fresh not yet cleaned grouper for dinner and a pound of scallops for an appetizer that I have planned.  Since it was grocery shopping day I still had to put things away and then plan a few sides to go with the fish.   I needed something that was quick so a simple sauté with a splash of white wine, a few olives and a pat of butter…the grouper and I would smile.  It is not an over the top recipe laden with a Vera Cruz style of ingredients the freshness of the fish shines and the delicate sauce doesn’t overwhelm the fish.

Pat the fillets dry with paper towels. Season with salt and pepper to taste.   A one pound fillet sliced into 4 portions was easier to handle than a big old slab of fish

Dust the fillets lightly (both sides) with white rice flour or sifted AP flour.

Sauce ingredients:  Pinches of red pepper flakes, 1/2 cup white wine, sliced Italian pitted olives and a pat of butter will finish the sauce ingredients.
4 large green olives and 4 large black olives (most grocery stores have a great olive bar to choose from).


Heat the olive oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium heat. Once hot, add the fish and sear on one side for 4 minutes. Flip the fish and sear for another 4 minutes. Add the wine and olives and cook, covered, until the fish is cooked through, about 4 minutes. The wine will create a light sauce to which you can add a small pat of butter.  To serve plate the fish and drizzle a little of the sauce over the fish.  The olives offered a touch brininess that went well with the fish


I served some really pretty yellow rice seasoned with Cajun or creole seasoning, chicken broth, fresh bay leaf and saffron…not sure what skinny rice really is , but follow the link it was a quick purchase for me as it was a convenient size.   Oh and I lucked out with some wonderful organic red kale.