King of Beef Day…

Quote from what movie  “I’ll get you my pretty…”

Starting the day with 40 something degrees, turning the heat on to take the chill off and now, a whopping 77º perfect grilling weather!  I have a few hunks of meat, pork, beef as well as a turkey breast and a couple of hams that are great on the primo/good cooking with little effort so little by little I’ll get the Primo blazing again on appropriate grilling days, perfect for a crowd.

What a fine day to begin the grilling season and today company is coming what better way to celebrate a real spring day than with a beautiful prime rib roast prepped and ready for the Primo grill with just a few hours of smoking we should have a fantastic hunk of meat for the dinner table tonight.

I started to follow someone’s recipe for grilling the rib roast on a charcoal and gas grill which was great, but I decided to do my roast on the Primo grill which I have found does reduce the grilling time quite a bit from 2+1/2 hours at 300º to about 1 hour 40 minutes on the Primo for a 4 bone roast that was almost 6 pounds…I had the butcher remove the bones (for easier carving), but he tied them back to the roast and it made a difference.  As far as seasoning goes I made my own version of Montreal seasoning and after tucking cloves of garlic under the fat cap, between bones, and in any little fat crevice I brushed the roast with EVOO I rubbed the seasoning all over.  Enter grilling guy that doesn’t want to grill, great grill prep and clean up crew though.

When the roast was seasoned and at room temperature Mike got the Primo ready for indirect cooking, a drip pan, smoking wood chips a roasting rack and once the grill heated to the appropriate 300º or just a tad below the roast went on and roasted away to 119º to where I thought I might place it over the coals for an additional several minutes about 10, to crisp up the roast a bit and reach a cooking temperature of 125º…I didn’t have to crisp it up more than it was so we shut the lid for about 10 minutes to reach the desired temp.  The roast rested for 15 minutes reaching a 135º internal temp.  Perfect and there was plenty of meat towards the ends that were perfect for those that enjoy a slightly more cooked result than medium rare.  The defatted pan juices were added to some beef stock to serve as au jus for the roast.

Simply herb roasted potatoes and steamed assorted vegetables are great side dishes as well as crusty rolls and a salad.