Wahoo…Saturday or Any Night Grilled Fish Tacos

A balanced diet is a taco in each hand.”

Oh yes, you can make a party of this any night of the week a great pot luck dinner.  Well, I was planning ahead for Tuesday’s fairly easy dinner on what might be a stormy night with our Isaias buddy hanging about creating so much havoc around us, but as it happened to bring home fresh wahoo and I wasn’t going to ignore the freshness and chose to have tacos on “taco Saturday”.  it was a lot of fish for 2 at a hefty 1 1/2 pounds so I was able to trim some off some to freeze in a food sealer bag for another night.

Of course, I always run to Rick Bayless’ taco recipes, and this time I took away many hints and ingredients for my fish taco night. I made a Mexican -style slaw simply dressed with a little olive oil, lime juice, Mexican seasoning sices, make it easy,  use packaged taco seasoning.  My favorite lettuce grower, Bert had plenty of juicy tomatoes, etc. this week for a nice and easy pico de gallo to have with tacos.

Taco Tuesday: Fear Not the Grilled Fish