Saturday Clams & Bruschetta

Cara MUSICA grazie per erserce stata quando non e’era nessuno!

I call this recipe for clams stormy night comfort food while Michael enjoyed his big salad with crispy chicken tenders, nope he doesn’t enjoy clams at all so I often have two dinners going at once, no problem they are both pretty easy thanks to air fryer crispy chicken strips…

For my dinner, I was inspired by a fabulous conductor while I was listening to her Puccini’ Symphonic works and read a little more about Beatrice,[beaˈtriːtʃe], Venezi. Somewhere along the line I found a recipe that she makes and since I had a couple dozen clams and everything for the recipe I was all set for my dinner. I thoroughly enjoyed my clams with pan toasted bruschetta with olive oil and would gladly devour dozens more in the future…

All in all the recipe was not too far off any one of the steamed clam recipes that I make with garlic, chili pepper, parsley, white wine, and EVOO. Beatrice’s addition of lemon, lime, and orange zest really perked things up. I always like a little something fennel with clams and today it was the last little piece of diced fennel salami little tidbits that fall into the clams and add a nice pop of flavor.

Oh and that “toast” rubbed with garlic when toasted…

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