Kimchi etc.


Transliteration: Weonsungido namueseo ddeoleojinda.
Translation: Even monkeys may fall from trees.
English equivalent: A good marksman may miss.
Korean ProverbZ
Meaning: Even experts make mistakes.

I finally came upon another person that doesn’t measure everything all the time and now I have a very good kimchi started, a keeper recipe for sure.  Already the brine is not too salty, ready to finish and add the remaining ingredients later on today.  I have made kimchi before, but not with some of the ingredients called for in DIY Instructables, never mind the forgotten resource of Wild Fermentation that I go back to from time to time, like for the “half sour pickles” recipe. (links below)


So while I only have a leftover piece of chicken Milanese to deal with for dinner I had time to get the kimchi process started and I look forward to some great dishes to use it in starting with a spicy kimchi noodles of some sort and I said a recipe for a kimchi bloody Mary…interestingly they use the last of the kimchi juices when the kimchi has been used up.  

iPhotoChicken parmesan on toasted garlic bread