Rib Roast on the Grill

Rib Roast on the Primo Grill

Last weekend I had a beautiful two-bone rib roast to share with friends and since it was 75° the grill was the perfect cooking option for the roast and any side dishes that I wanted to make.

No complicated instructions on the tied roast, a copious amount of Montreal Steak Seasoning over the entire roast and a constant low and slow heat (under 300°) for the 2-2-1/2 hour roasting time.  I had a mix of wood chips, probably, oak and pecan and not sure about the other, but whatever was left in the bin.  Roasted over indirect heat to a temperature of 125° and a quick sear over direct heat to get a consistent crispness on the top fat.  Rest the roast until the temperature reaches 135° and slice…Great sides of roasted asparagus and seasoned red potatoes.

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