Simply Southern Dinner…Tomato Sandwiches and Summer Succotash

And so I leave you with this…

As the blazing 90º plus heat continues the oven doors are closed once again as is the grill and pizza oven out back just too darn hot to stand around even for 15 minutes or more of preheating and cooking time. Today is mater sandwich day and a side dish of summer succotash a links a couple of recipes that I often make are below and the only change that I make is to use crispy pancetta cubes. This is a great summer side dish to serve with the tomato sandwiches.

This time of year all of the fresh ingredients were available at the farm stand and luckily it was a great time to stock up on the fresh butter beans for the fall and winter months ahead.

I see that Ina Garten has a fancy tomato sandwich as well but for me I go on my own since we go simple, just the basics, but maybe I will add a bit of basil to the mayo…at any rate what a fantastic summer dinner for tonight and I’ll also give the French succotash a try next week.

Ina’s tomato sandwich