Bacon Through the Rye

Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon.
Doug Larson

What perfect timing for an appetizer/starter recipe inspired by our guest chef, Ruth Reichl and of course a somewhat adapted recipe but I must say that I have been making these tasty little treats for about 30 years.  We had them last night for our casual gathering and they are always a big hit, but I must say I’m not sure how they would come out with uncooked bacon as Ruth suggests in her recipe so the next time I will give her recipe a try.  Ruth’s recipe link for Poor Man’s Tarte Flambée is below while my recipe is included in this post.  I always have a little loaf of the cocktail rye in the freezer so I can make the tasty treats at the last-minute…

One of Michael’s favorite football food treats: Rose’s Bacon Through the Rye:

1/2 pound crispy fried bacon
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
4 green onions, thinly sliced
3 tablespoons mayonnaise
20 slices of cocktail rye

Mix bacon, cheese, onions, and mayo and spread on bread slices.  Broil until bubbly, about 2 minutes

Ruth’s Recipe:
Coarsely grate or chop a quarter pound of extra-sharp white cheddar. Chop a quarter pound of cold uncooked bacon and mix it in with the cheddar.  Mince half a small white onion and add that,  along with a tablespoon of well-drained bottled horseradish.  Sprinkle in a quarter teaspoon of salt and a few good grinds of black pepper.Spread this onto 6 or 7 slices of thin white bread (Pepperidge Farm is perfect), set them on a baking sheet and freeze for 15 minutes.Cut off the crusts and then cut each toast in quarters.  Bake in a preheated 375º oven for 20 minutes or so, until everything has melted into a delicious golden goo.