Bobby’s Moms’ Sunday Pot Roast

“Life needs more sweet tea and sunshine.”

I found a neat cookbook that has come in very handy lately and last night we thoroughly enjoyed a new-to-me pot roast that came out very good in the Instant Pot and didn’t have lengthy list of ingredients. The book title is “A Taste of Living in Charleston” by Bobby Shealy and so far I have made several recipes from the book and I was pleased with everyone of them and used some never before used ingredients readily available like canned soups and Morton’s Nature’s Seasoning a neat little flavor booster that I use for many recipes. I skipped the salt altogether because of the seasoning and a packet of the always in my cabinet for years, Good Seasons Zesty Italian dressing. The seasoning and dressing packet have enough salt for me…

Bobby includes instructions for the oven process for the pot roast, but I thought I would use the Instant Pot as I have had fantastic results with pot roasts in particular so what could go wrong? I started he process in the morning (50 minutes) so the roast had the advantage of an overnight rest time for big flavor with a final 10 minutes pressure cook, a quick release, and adding Wondra to thicken the gravy.

I forgot about Bobby’s recipe for Bourbon carrots, but my latest favorite recipe for whole roasted carrots with garlic and Tuscan seasoning was a fine stand in as were the Greek seasoned air fryer Yukon Gold potatoes. With plenty of the beef leftover we can enjoy this fine roast again soon and I will reheat in the Instant Pot once again.

I enjoyed a glass of Bar Dog Pinot Noir with the pot roast…a big thanks to Bobby for such a great easy recipe!

Bobby’s ingredient list:

• 1 3- to 4-pound bone-in Angus beef pot roast (my roast 2+1/2-3 pounds)
• 1 10.5-ounce can condensed French onion soup
• ½ cup red wine
• 1 7 ounce package dry Italian dressing
• Salt and pepper
• Nature’s Seasoning
*My note is to thicken with Wondra adding a little at a time to get your favorite thickened gravy.

Bobby’s instructions for cooking Moms’ pot Roast below:

Bobby’s directions. I adapted for the IP

1. Preheat oven to 275 degrees Fahrenheit.
2. Put roast in a large roasting pan. Mine is 17 x 13.5 inches.
3. Pour all remaining ingredients over the roast. Add Nature’s Seasoning, salt, and pepper to taste. Cover roast tightly with tin foil and cook at least 5 hours.
4. Check for tenderness at 5 hours. I like my meat falling off the bone, so it may need to cook a little longer, depending on your stove. Check after a couple of hours to make sure your liquid is not evaporating. If it is evaporating, just add some water or more soup. Once it is cooked, you might add a can of beef broth and flour to make a good gravy. First mix a couple of teaspoons of flour in a cup with the broth and then pour it into the pan to thicken.

Shealy, Bobby. A Taste of Living in Charleston: Low country Dishes Anyone Can Cook (p. 110). Mascot Books. Kindle Edition.

* Increase the first cooking time by 10 (60 minutes) minutes if serving just after the roast is finished.
* 60-80 minutes (60 for a 3 pound roast, 80 for a 5 pound roast)
* From frozen add about 20-30 minutes to your pressure cooking time, but I like to brown my roast so I don’t go from frozen, but good to know in a pinch.