A Spring and Summer Potato Salad Staple

I rely upon great potato recipes in the spring and summer months and having a potato salad lover in the house just makes for great exploration and taste tests and surprisingly beyond a classic creamy American potato picnic salad Michael loves some of the other Mediterranean styles as well as a few Asian recipes.

Of course this weekend is one of the ultimate “picnic” food celebration weekends so of course potato salad is at the top of the list for a BBQ ribs dinner so now on to just which one or two will make it to the table the super easy roasted garlic potato salad, Julia’s French potato salad, a Mediterranean potato salad with green peppercorns and oil cured olives, or Yotam’s Royal Potato Salad? All winners for sure…

Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend.

Julia’s French Potato Salad

Link to Royal Potato Salad: https://ibbeachnana.blog/salads/royal-potato-salad/

Easy favorite roasted garlic potato salad https://food52.com/recipes/4734-garlicky-roasted-potato-salad