Rainy Weekend Holiday Dinners…Sweet Corn & Shrimp Chowder

FlagJust because the sun doesn’t shine and storms rage through from time to time doesn’t mean that it is a sign of a complete washout weekend beginning for the 4th of July weekend…pull out some games, watch movies and cook with your friends.  I might not see the grill come grilling time any evening this weekend, but I have options that will work just fine.  For a perky grilled shrimp and corn chowder, I can use a grill pan or gas range top grill to grill the shrimp and the same goes for the planned homemade Italian sausage burgers for tomorrow.
Corn ad Shrimp Chowder

Soup’s on!  Perfect for a casual supper with a few biscuits and maybe a sliced tomato salad tonight

Devein shrimp and reserve shells…Make a shrimp stock with the shrimp shells.  Simmer shells in 2 cups water with 1/2 small carrot, 1 rib celery, 1 small shallot and a pinch or two of Phillips seafood seasoning, strain and set a side.

I made a white/golden roux in a separate pan…
White or golden roux:  1/2 cup flour and 1/2 cup butter
Melt butter and whisk in flour cooking (whisking constantly) for at least 3 minutes or more, but don’t brown the roux, golden is good.

For the soup:
1 large shallot, finely diced
*optional bay leaf
1 clove of garlic, minced
3/4 cup celery small dice, preferably the tender heart leaves included
splash of sherry
1 cup shrimp stock or broth
1/2 cup vegetable broth
1 ½ cup heavy whipping cream
4 ears of roasted corn, kernels scraped from the cobs
Salt to taste

1 pound shrimp, peeled, deveined and seasoned with Phillips or Old Bay seafood seasoning

herb butter or 2 tablespoons plain butter
1 teaspoon Phillips seafood seasoning
Garnish with crispy bacon or pancetta and chopped green onions

Sauté the onion and celery in the butter in a medium-sized soup pot for 3 minutes or until the shallots are translucent.  Splash in the sherry and bay leaf briefly deglaze the pan.  Add some of the corn, about 3 ears reserving the rest to add later.  Stir in seafood seasoning, add the 2 broths slowly, stirring constantly to prevent burning.  Simmer gently for about 5 minutes to cook down some of the broth.
Partially cover the pot and cook over medium-low heat for 10-12 minutes stirring often.

Sauté shrimp with 2 tablespoons butter until they turn pink-about 3-5 minutes. Add shrimp to hot chowder.   Serve with crispy pancetta or bacon and green onion or chives.  I like a dash or two of hot sauce…