Shepherd’s Pie – Have a Comfort Food Party Favorite

 Food is the most primitive form of comfort.

It’s inevitable that at this time of year that I get tired of summer food and I rush into a fall or even a winter favorite recipe on a dreary or rainy day and with the thought of ran in the forecast I ran to a nice Shepherd’s pie recipe for Mike as he certainly puts up with the variety of menus around here.

YaYa’s Shepherd’s Pie

Best made right in the pan that you sautéed the vegetables and beef in and finished off in a 350º oven until golden and luscious bubbling juices. You can always season according to your taste or memory of “pies” in the past, but for the most part all of the ingredients are pretty basic and uncomplicated. Mike doesn’t care for lamb, I use freshly ground beef, my choice is half beef and half lamb or a well seasoned Italian sausage if you feel like it.

Today my ingredients weren’t too crazy off the shepherd’s pie grid and a good recipe to consider is Ina Garten’s if you don’t already have a favorite recipe the one that I made is not too far from it with my personal touches touch as in adding buttermilk to the mashed potatoes along with pinches of granulated garlic, and freshly chopped parsley. Greek or Italian seasoning is a great addition to the meat as it the addition of a good hearty bone broth or beef stock.

So have fun with shepherd’s pie and what a great dish to make with others, everyone has a chore and it comes together in no time…serve with a great crispy green fig and Balsamic salad

Fig Balsamic and Salad

Crack that bottle of Pino Noir and Cheers 🍷
Link to Ina’s recipe: