For All the Lonely Anchovy Pizza Lovers

Better ingredients, better pizza – it’s not a slogan. It’s a way of life.
John Schnatter

And so it begins…a week or so ago we tried a store-bought pizza dough, marked Italian pizza dough and used our outdoor grill/pizza oven to bake it in, well, for the first time I actually did not eat my beautifully adorned pizza because under the normal cooking method + timing  that we use for our homemade dough, the pizza was just awful!  The dough just didn’t look right, just darker than I am used to so in the end not only was the bottom pitch black burned but once I scraped it off the dough just didn’t taste good at all like it was an old dough. So I didn’t get my pizza fix and ready for another successful episode when the weather clears enough to hit the grill again.

Some dough days are not always a success I guess…So this go-round I am making a couple of different pizza’s and dying to try the anchovy with capers from Ruth Reichl,  but I fear Mike will have a Giada version instead…perfect my dough makes enough for two pizzas, clam, or anchovies, clams or anchovy pizza?

Anchovies won since we were busy and didn’t want to cross the bridge for clams if they even had them…below is Ruth’s recipe for the pizza toppings.

Usually, I buy the Agostino or Bellino or brand and sometimes I can get the salt packed ones, but I haven’t been able to find them lately, maybe that is a good thing since there is a little work involved in prepping them before use. I do rinse the jarred anchovies and pat them dry before using on pizza, in pizza and pasta sauces.  I think that the next time I put anchovies on my pizza I will chop them and scatter over the pizza so as not to get that full on anchovy bite…just a thought.

Make or buy your favorite pizza dough, Ruth’s link is below.  I also make my own sauce…

Coarsely mash-up about 3/4 cup of canned drained San Marzano tomatoes with a fork, then stir in a tablespoon of olive oil. 

Remove 6 – 8 anchovies from the bottle.

Drain a few tablespoons of capers.

Dice or grate about a third of a pound of supermarket mozzarella into tiny pieces. 

Shred a few leaves of basil.

Dust a pizza peel liberally with cornmeal.

Put the round of pizza dough onto the peel. Spread the tomatoes over the pizza dough. Sprinkle the diced supermarket pizza over the top, and decorate with the anchovies and capers.  Scatter the basil about. Top with pieces of the buffalo mozzarella, roughly torn apart with your fingers. Open the oven door and very carefully shake the pizza onto the steel without touching it. (If you’ve never done this before it’s tricky, but you quickly get the hang of it.)

Bake for 7 to 10 minutes, depending on how you like your pizza. Remove with the peel; if it scoots away from you, use tongs to get it onto the peel.  Serve it hot, right on the peel.

This is dinner for 2 or snacks for 6.