Salami & Tomato Pizza

Pizza is like the entire food pyramid!
Madeline Oles

Salami Pizza 5This week the cooking club assignment is a 30 minute Curtis Stone challenge and I have the perfect opportunity to change-up our pizza that we are going to make using a recently purchased grill pizza oven box. I suppose this is one small step towards a real pizza oven, but with so many things breaking in this old house sadly the pizza oven goes to the bottom of the wish list, again.

I made a batch of Roberta’s pizza dough on Sunday so it was ready for the preheated oven after coming to room temperature once again. If you don’t make the pizza dough or pizza shells yourself, buy it at the store or at a local pizza place and go from there. Simple ingredients this go round, salami, sliced fresh tomatoes and of course a few adaptations. Fresh parsley, freshly grated cheese and/or a little black paper and red pepper flakes on mine. Before topping the pizzas I did put a little pizza sauce on just because more tomato is always better, use your favorite sauce. My pizza crust was thicker than I normally like, but all in all pretty good and some left for breakfast.

Pizza recipe link:

Here is a photo of the “Bakerstone Pizza Oven Box” we purchased at Sam’s and also available at other retailers and online. A nice gadget for the grill and I’m sure we will master the art of as we do love our pizza at least once a week. My advice is to make a thin crust pizza, and to slice the tomatoes early in the day so they drain a bit, I even remove the seeds…

Pizza oven box