Roasted Spicy Tomato Jam

That’s why I hate to get started in these jam sessions. I’m always the last one to leave.
Elvis Presley
Roasted tomato jam
Mark Bittman has so many wonderful minimalist recipes and one my favorites is a tomato jam that I adapted slightly and added a little spice and a roasted robust tomato flavor.  On a dreary rainy day dedicated to winding yarn I have two of his recipes in the making and my first will be served tomorrow with a fresh batch of biscuits.

With an abundance of tomatoes of several varieties, I thought about making a blend of tomatoes, but ultimately decided to use the 2 pounds of Roma tomatoes and to roast them before continuing with the stove top reducing.

Place 1-1/2 pounds of sliced Roma tomatoes into a baking dish, sprinkle 3/4 cups sugar over the tomatoes, add the zest of 1 small lemon zest, 1 tablespoon lemon juice and season with about a teaspoon of kosher salt. I tossed in 2 small dried chili pequin and about 1+1/2 teaspoons diced canned chipotle pepper. Roast in a 375º oven for about 45 minutes stirring them from time to time.

When done allow to sit a few minutes and add the tomatoes to a small saucepan, season with tablespoon minced ginger, 1 teaspoon ground cumin seed, 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon, 1/8 teaspoon ground cloves.
Reduce heat and simmer, stirring occasionally, until mixture has consistency of thick jam, about 1 hour 15 minutes. Taste and adjust seasoning, then cool and refrigerate until ready to use; this will keep at least a week.

*Be careful with your hot and spicy additions, everyone doesn’t love hot!
** My jam took about 45 minutes and I stirred it often so as not to burn. Whiz with a stick blender about 3/4 of the jam when cooled and add in the rest for a jam with more texture…
Serve with big fat biscuits and other things!