Nicoise Salad

What could be more unexpected for a Ladies Luncheon?

Always a favorite “composed” salad of sorts adapted from Julia’s recipes for said Salade Nicoise and French potato salad and as usual a nice chunk of fresh tuna seasoned, poached/sous vide in olive oil and fresh tarragon sprigs, and finished on a hot grill.

To a large platter add washed dried lettuces of choice, today romaine and iceberg lettuces so pile on any ingredients suggested for a Nicoise style salad noting that tuna in olive oil is a standard ingredient, but I have also seen poached salmon filets used as well. The green beans are blanched, chilled and lightly dressed with some of the salad dressing. Below find a few links to give you an idea how you can proceed with your presentation…pages from Mastering the Art of French Cooking.
Serve with a nice glass of wine, a warmed loaf of French bread, and a wedge of brie cheese.

Poached & Grilled Tuna
French Potato Salad

2 thoughts on “Nicoise Salad

  1. This looks very appetizing. I have to admit, that I have no source for good tuna. Your salad looks great

  2. I haven’t tried cooking my own tuna for salad niçoise. Usually I will splurge on the better quality jarred stuff. Great idea to try!

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