Stormy Nights at the Beach & Hearty Clam Chowder.

You can’t escape the taste of the food you had as a child. In times of stress, what do you dream about? Your mother’s clam chowder. It’s security, comfort. It brings you home.  
Author: Jacques Pepin

We are looking forward to some cozy stormy nights over the weekend + (we need the rain) and what could be cozier than a really good clam chowder, NE style along with a warm basket of homemade biscuits or the time saver Cheddar Bay biscuits? Better yet a nice sourdough bowl is a fun “bowl” for a casual dinner…

This weekend’s version is somewhere between Ina’s chunky version and a long time favorite recipe from Jasper White keeping in mind that Mike prefers some diced potatoes that he can see and I like a spoonful of nice visible veggies and bits of clams…I did take ingredient choices from both recipe.

I’ve had the worst time getting good clams lately as they are too big or full of sand so canned clams are perfect and take just a few minutes of warming time at the end of cooking the chowder.

Of course I prefer fresh clams and clam broth if they are available…Keep in mind that you can make this a day ahead and it is easily transported in a cooler so at the end of your drive to the beach you have fantastic bowls of chowder for your first night’s dinner, it sure beats carrying all of the ingredients, shopping, and preparing when you arrive after a long ride.

Links to 2 favorite versions, Ina’s and Jasper’s: