Lasagna Bolognese

Jon: “Most of the Earth’s surface is covered by water.” Garfield : “Who cares? How much of it is covered by lasagna?”

Last Sunday’s Italian Sunday dinner:  Having never been a true fan of Bolognese sauces I tried to come up with one that I could appreciate and put it to work in a plain and simple lasagna.   I didn’t use one specific recipe, inspired by many including Lynne Rossetto Kasper’s recipe in her 1992 cookbook The Splendid Table, another favorite is Marcella Hazan’s.   A link or two for two versions in case you don’t have a favorite recipe.

My sauce simmered for longer than 2 hours, and I didn’t add as much milk as called for, and another note to self, I didn’t care for the no-boil noodles so no shortcuts the next time.   Butter a lasagna dish, add a little sauce and begin with a layer of lasagna sheets, meat sauce, a couple of ladles of  bechamel sauce along with extra grated cheeses (Romano and parmesan) pasta etc. finishing with the sauce and bechamel and grated cheeses.