Antipasto Lunch

Antipasto Lunch 1

The  trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later you’re hungry  again.
George Miller

Lunch and Other Stuff
I have long admired the ladies of Canal House cookbook fame for a long time and subscribe to their lunch at the Canal House mail, so jealous that they have the time for something fantastic every day.  Well, today is my turn…a lovely little antipasto served on a surfboard shaped bamboo cutting board that I managed to eat on the porch, great lunch on a beautiful day.

Antipasto II cherry peppers

I pickled cherry peppers a week or so ago and they were good to start with, but the spice and heat loving people will enjoy the fact that they now are only for a select few.  I was trying to save space, use up several fresh jalapenos so I emptied the big glass jar, and placed the cherry peppers in smaller canning jars with sliced fresh jalapenos…perky little peppers they are now, but not too hot to eat.  I enjoyed the peppers and shared a few with friends, stuffed with provolone and prosciutto on an antipasto platter…Antipasto platter I