Italian Pork Sausage

A highbrow is the kind of person who looks at a sausage and thinks of Picasso.
Alan Patrick Herbert

Oh so true and the art of sausage making is fun when you have all of the necessary equipment or in my case, great substitutes. Long coils of sausages, what a satisfying look at a day’s work. Bit of a mess, but a huge sheet of brown paper covers a good length of our 10′ table that is the right height for this short person to reach the Kitchen Aid mixer set up for meat grinding. What a beauties and if you are tempted to make your own sausage keep in mind that you can weigh out a pound and freeze in Ziploc or food sealer bags instead of going through the link process.
For the freshest sausage in town, make your own and enjoy.

Italian Sausage and Breaking with Tradition

Pork butts go on sale quite often in the summer, the ever popular BBQ aromas fill the air all summer and well into the fall months, but for me an occasional sale turns into a big sausage making event and this week instead of my family sausage recipe I am making Italian sausage from the Charcuterie cookbook, sweet and hot. Now that we have tasted plenty of it, I can certainly say that with a few adjustments here and there for both recipes, the sausages are a big hit. I had my own thoughts about the taste, but quickly figured out that I was so used to one recipe that my taste buds went into shock. Without a doubt they recovered and I have learned to enjoy other recipes. However, this month, I will be making about 15 pounds of our “family” recipe…

Another great sausage is Merguez that can be in link form or patties. I was only making a couple of pounds and patties made more sense than hauling out all of the equipment etc. for links. The link below is a favorite recipe, but there are many available online. Nice change and the spice blend is enough for a few batches.