Chicken Wings & Shrimp on the Barbie

Remember to let yourself relax this Labor Day before letting yourself go this winter.

To end Labor Day Weekend grilling time I decided to grill wings and shrimp to go with the golden sangria that I had prepared, a nice and quiet finger food dinner.

It all began with a bottle of Sapporo beer to overnight brine the wings in and a simple blend of brown, sugar, salt, Japanese pepper, onion and garlic. For me teriyaki wings and to make Michael happy a Thai peanut dipping sauce. A good combination of wing recipes from Mark Bittman. It was the first time that I had followed Bittman’s instructions for smoking the wings, the brine is just something that I like to do and not necessary, but makes for juicy tender wings. With overnight brining time included this was a three-step process, smoking indirectly and using a drip pan for 45 minutes at about 325-350°, toss wings in teriyaki sauce and finish wings over direct heat.

A Curtis Stone recipe was my inspiration for the BBQ shrimp with the addition of colorful minced peppers to the EVOO, lemon and parsley marinade. The shrimp can be grilled in a made for the grill pan or as I did, a very hot Le Creuset or cast iron pan.  I love the traditional N’awlins style BBQ shrimp, but the lemon marinade was a nice change.  For easier peeling, cut up the back of each shrimp, removed the vein, and loosened the shrimp from the shell, but grilled shell on.

Another great holiday dinner…