Clams in Spicy Brodetto

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I don’t watch the afternoon show The Chew as it is not my kind of entertainment, but every now and then I’ll catch the last few minutes and today Mario Batali featured one of my favorite quick sauces from Marcella Hazan’s three ingredient tomato sauce. I’ve made it several times and for just a little work so good. Here is the link over at Food 52 and then on to Mario’s clam recipe.

Steamed Clams in Spicy Brodetto adapted from Mario Batali

Clams in Spicy Brodetto 2

The herb garden is still pushing out probably the last of the fresh basil and the rest of the herbs will do fine over the winter with just a little mulch tucked around them for a bit of extra warmth. The seafood was short on clams yesterday morning, but I’m just one and the 14 would be just fine with a little bread to dunk into the fabulous broth. If I had to share, the sauce base would be a perfect starting point for a seafood “cioppino” but of course you would need more broth to serve more than two people. Simply add a light seafood stock, clam broth, or shrimp stock and season with more herbs to suit your taste. Armed with a tasty broth you can then add a piece of fish, a few mussels, shrimp or any other seafood that you prefer.

Clams in Brodetto Sauce

I have a couple of cioppino recipes including Michael Mina’s recipe from Food & Wine’s Ultimate Christmas issue, but any San Francisco-style cioppino that appeals to you is perfect for any casual dinner party or in my case, a traditional Christmas Eve dinner.