Corned Beef Hash

Corned Beef Hash Blog

We had a nice break from corned beef and before I stash the remaining bits and pieces for another breakfast, lunch or dinner it was time for a good plate of corned beef hash for a quick dinner.

I parboiled and drained some cubed Yukon gold potatoes and diced onion then got a pan ready to make the hash.  Heat the sauté pan and drizzle in some EVOO, when it is hot enough toss in the onions and potatoes.  I had a few chopped peppers and a clove or two of roasted garlic.  Cook until heated through and the potatoes are fork tender; at this point you can continue cooking for crisper potatoes.  Toss shredded or small cubed corned beef in and sauté for about 4 minutes turning often and if you have reserved some of the corned beef liquid add in by spoonfuls…Serve with a fried egg on top and sprinkle green onions and parsley over…O like mine with a little hot sauce, Michael A-1 sauce of course.