Second Day Pizza Dough

Veggie Pizza (3)

Pizza was made for television in so many ways: it is easy to heat up, easy to divide and easy to eat in a group. It is easy to enjoy, easy to digest and easy-going. It is so Italian!

Yotam Ottolenghi

A new pizza dough experiment from Oh She Glows was very good especially the second day after an overnight rest in the refrigerator.

Veggie Pizza

I was going use some fresh dandelion greens pesto, but it was already stashed in the freezer and I didn’t think that it would appeal to Michael on a pizza that is…I made a topping similar to hers/roasted tomatoes, but with a couple of heirloom tomatoes and whole instead of minced garlic cloves roasted with the tomatoes and later mashed and tossed with the tomatoes.   I blended grated mozzarella and fresh torn basil leaves with the cooled tomato topping and it was ready for the olive oil brushed pizza on the pizza peel…as a last-minute idea, I decided to brush the pizza first with a little leftover tomato bruschetta instead of the lovely pesto in the freezer.  The oven was preheated to 475° with stones on the lowest rack and the pizza all decked out and a final scattering of grated Parmigiano was ready for the sizzling hot tiles.  Baked for 15 minutes and again dusted with more parm before slicing.

Veggie pizza 2

The crust was thin with a little crunch and I do believe she says that the dough is ready in about 1 hour 45 minutes…I compared the two pizzas, day of dough and next day dough and I preferred the second day crust, but either way it is pretty good.

One other note is that I used bleached white wheat flour because that is what I had.