Jacob’s Favorite Garlic Bread

Jakes' Garlic Bread 2

“Have you any idea how many kids it takes to turn off one light in the kitchen? Three. It takes one to say, “What light?” and two more to say, “I didn’t turn it on.”
Erma Bombeck

So here it is little buddy…

When Jacob is around he will always request garlic bread and when he learned that I did this simple little blog thing he wanted “the garlic bread” recipe to appear so here it is Jacob and remember that you don’t need to measure anything, but the garlic, 1 clove of garlic each loaf half.  Use take and bake French loaves or that fat loaf of Italian that all of the stores carry…doesn’t have to be expensive, have someone slice it lengthwise for you.  Also have someone put the finished loaves under the broiler to get toasty and watch it closely for 1-2 minutes…It will burn if you don’t watch it!

Drizzle with EVOO, spread with unsalted butter (at times I use nothing but olive oil), sprinkle dried or fresh oregano, dried or fresh basil, dried or fresh parsley, pinches of black or white pepper, and tiny pinches of red pepper flakes, and then a blend of grated cheese tops off the bread (Romano and Parmigiana Reggiano).  This is the way you like it.