Rainy Days and Fried Bologna


 Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic.

Once again we woke up to Noah alerts, flooding and days of rain to come so I am hunkered down and doing a little planning for a few comfort dishes to cook on the rainy days.  Perhaps a chicken pot pie, osso buco, a pot of soup or  maybe some short ribs along with a batch of cookies and maybe some scones…we will see what actually makes the cut.

Yesterday I thought simple and since I stocked up for a few days, not one store trip in the row-boat was necessary.

Fried Bologna SandwichFried Bologna Sandwich 2

To some people a good old-fashioned fried bologna sandwich works magic so I thought let me give one a try of course Michael mentioned that he hadn’t had one in ages so that began our day.  Bread of choice today, fresh store-bought Kaiser rolls, Boston lettuce, slices of heirloom tomato and the favorite staple in the south, Duke’s mayonnaise ready to assemble atop thin slices of good bologna.

Butter or spread some mayo on the inside of halved Kaiser rolls and lightly toast in a pan.  Set aside and sauté slices of bologna in a well heated sauté pan until a little brown on both sides.  Paint/slather the inner tops and bottoms of the rolls with Duke’s and begin with a layer of lettuce top that with whatever amount of fried bologna strikes you and finish with slices of tomato lightly salted and sprinkled with ground pepper.  Enjoy and if you are lucky enough to have childhood memories of fried bologna, enjoy those and smile.

Off to ponder my comfort food for dinner.  Oh grilled snow crabs sound good (in door grill of course) and a lovely clarified butter with a bit of lemon balsamic vinegar to dip the crab meat in…

Snow Crab Legs with lemon balsamic butter