Classic Margaritas with Jalapeno Slices & Grilled Shrimp Boil Foil Packets

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 Foil Boil3

Classic Margarita for Foil Boil Night

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Labor Day weekend. Bring on fall, I’m ready!

What could be better than sipping a spicy icy cold margarita while a mini shrimp boil is happening on the grill, easy enough and not all the hassle of the full-blown low country boil experience on a blazing hot day. The boil involves the usual suspects in ingredients and flavor and can be easily adapted to one’s own taste adding in additional clams or shellfish, but I was trying to use what I had on hand and was determined not to cross the bridge to the island on this last day of play for a lot of tourists…seafood of course before my travels west not knowing what is available in the Denver area…Great make ahead dinner for a cool fall dinner by the fire pit!

As if chewing on the best jalapeño in the glass wasn’t enough, I had to make my own “cocktail sauce” for the shrimp boil…Zing Zang’s Bloody Mary Mix, wasabi, butter and the broth from the boil.  Delicious!

Foil Boil (2)

Jakes' Garlic Bread 2

Individual shrimp boil foil packets on the grill this is for one packet for 2 or make 2 packets
2 layers of heavy-duty foil or 3 regular pieces of foil cut large enough to hold all of the goodies for the packets
1 sheet Wakame seaweed or the shredded is just fine
6 very mall new potatoes halved or red potatoes sliced
6 Artichoke hearts
¾ lb. Shrimp
1 Sausage link of choice, sliced my mystery packet from the freezer was my homemade sausage so I cooked it partially on the grill, allowed to cool and then sliced
Fresh chives
1 bay leaf
Baby frozen onions
Shrimp stock or seawater
Phillips seafood seasoning
Melted butter for dipping if necessary, but do add the packet juices to it…
*Optional White oak chips for the fire

Prepare you foil sheets by buttering them lightly and begin layering the potatoes sausage, corn, chives (lightly season with the seafood seasoning as you go) add in the shrimp, scatter and tuck in the lemon wedges and little pats of butter, gather the foil around the edges and pour in about ¼ cup or so of seafood shrimp stock or clam juice.

Completely seal the packets and place on medium high grill and close the grill lid. 20 minutes should do it for cooking time, but carefully open packet and test a potato. Some great garlic bread would be excellent with the shrimp boil…