Stovetop Smoker BBQ Beans & Blue Moon Winter Abbey Ale Bratwurst…



Where there’s smoke, there’s pork!  Winner winner bratwurst dinner!

New kitchen toy in the house and thanks to Fine Cooking and several friends “I had to have one” and what can be more comfortable slaving away in the middle of winter outside over a smoker, or just standing stove-side once in a while to monitor the internal temperature of such a gadget meant to be used indoors or out?

This night I just dove in as soon as UPS was heading out and down the street, deciding to start with BBQ beans and some wonderful fresh homemade garlic bratwurst from Rainbow Meadows Farm.  The bratwurst smoked for about 40 minutes and the beans took about 2 hours at a 175-200˚ smoking temperature as I was just playing around with temps.

After 40 minutes of smoking time on the brats I turned up the heat, moved them to the edge of the pan where they browned up nicely.   A few browned on one side before moving them, but I wanted that total grilled brown look and moving them around made that happen.