Brunswick Stew & Honey Butter Angel Biscuits


Winter is nature’s way of saying, ‘Up yours.’
Robert Byrne




Belly warming and filling Brunswick stew, a staple in our area that I normally only make a couple of times of the year, in the fall and for a summer pig pickin’ seemed like an excellent idea for  the freezing our buts off weather that we and most of the east coast is suffering from (some of us secretly wishing for just a little snow). So yesterday I started pulling this and that from the freezer including BBQ, bbq brisket,  2 linguica and odd packages of chicken then off to the veggie basket for last years crop of butter beans, Limas and corn…thinking would okra be too much and decided to save it for some fried or grilled okra later.   I’m also skipping potatoes as I think the slow cooker will spill over while it bubbles plus the stew is loaded up enough and I want Angel biscuits tonight…

Quite frankly I really didn’t measure much of anything about 1 pound of Texas shredded bbq beef brisket, 2 pounds of BBQ (pulled pork), and 8 chicken thighs along with  a 1.5 pound package of chicken tenders.  The chicken was seasoned and browned then settled into the pot along with sautéed onions, celery, linguica and a little garlic from there it was dump and pour veggies a few seasonings, canned tomatoes, BBQ sauce, chicken stock, the add ins are endless if you google the stew and it hardly ever tastes the same time after time.  I have to go easy on the hot sauce and I do add some pepperoncini juice and well, just a few of the peppers, chopped and if I must be honest, diced Hatch chilies…about 2 hours into the cooking, I removed the big pieces of chicken and shredded them and back into the pot they went.  Serve with cornbread or biscuits.

Honey Butter Angel Biscuits



Stewed for most of the day and ready for dinner…Stay warm everyone and remember to bring your pets in!