Schmaltzy Chicken Stew


Find the recipe through the link at the bottom of the page or look under my  Recipes/Chicken/Chicken Stew at the top of the page.

Hidden in a piled high stack of things to do I discovered an unfinished recipe note from 2 years ago for a not your average chicken stew and decided to make it again perhaps not the best plan for a day that is too hot to have the oven running, but the oven time is a mere 30 minutes and finished stove top, smells amazing and this might be the excuse to make some biscuits…Southern Living video link below.


Cook’s Illustrated was the source of the original recipe which is not always accessible unless one creates and registers for an account for a 14 day free trial but I found it once again.  The schmaltz part comes in when a small container of it fell out of the freezer door so I added some to the pot, melted it down and browned the bacon and vegetables before moving on to the other steps.

iPhotoThis a very hearty stew indeed with an amazing rich brown gravy due in part to the addition of soy sauce I’m sure and the cooking down process.  Oddly enough I was out of soy sauce but I have one that is really thick and dark/Premium Dark Soy Sauce from the Asian market so I cut the tablespoon amount back a bit.  Other than that just delicious aromas coming from the kitchen and I can see the possibility of adding a few assorted wild mushrooms and pearl onions as one of the final touches along with the chicken thighs and carrots.   I like to employ a Julia Child method for the mushrooms and onions then add to the stew, but you can simply sauté the mushrooms in butter and add to the stew and use frozen pearl onions, sautéed and add in just before the carrots and chicken thighs.

Find the recipe through the link at the bottom of the page or look under my Recipes/Chicken