Shrimp Carbonara

Happy Fourth of July everyone!


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PhotoScapeXTwo favorite things in one dish, shrimp and pancetta what could be better?  More cheese and a basket of breadsticks of course.  This was not a heavy sauce, but rather a lightly coated the pasta with a good bacon flavor

Michael loves The Olive Garden and usually wants the soup, salad and breadsticks and since it is a quiet weekend I thought I would give them a shot to go with our bowl of shrimp carbonara linguini.  The breadsticks recipe was easy enough and for some magical reason once I pulled and correctly weighed the dough (2ounces) I managed to get pretty much each one the same 2 ounces.  Now as you can see by the photo the breadsticks look more like hotdog buns albeit smaller, but they were very good.  The instructions were to roll each ball into a 7 inch cylinder…good idea for normal sized hot dogs or Italian sausages though and I can see the last of my homemade link sausage tucked neatly into a toasted breadstick.  Link below to the breadsticks recipe.


Have ready thoroughly whisked 1 fresh egg yolk, 1/4 cup grated parmesan and freshly ground pepper. While your 2-4 ounces of spaghetti or linguini is cooking sauté 3 ounces diced pancetta cubes in 1/2 tablespoon EVOO until crispy, added 2 cloves of smashed garlic and a few pinches of red pepper flakes, toss in the hot drained pasta and toss.  Add to a warmed pasta bowl and add the egg and cheese tossing quickly (add a little of the pasta water to thin a bit if necessary) garnish with a little minced parsley and a little grated lemon zest.  Plate and serve with more grated cheese, salad and breadsticks.

*Sauté the 1 pound of shrimp for 2 minutes in the pancetta, EVOO, garlic before adding the pasta, toss completely with parsley lemon zest and cheese.