She Crab & Shrimp Soup…Cheater Dinner

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She crab soup
Cheating can be a good thing in the kitchen…Sunday was a busy day in the kitchen spent making a big pot of “Skyline” chili which always starts with a batch of freshly ground beef cuts so it was pointless to try to get a big Sunday dinner together, something quick and effortless was in order.  A quick trip to the pantry and a peek in the freezer and the results were amazing!  Gullah She Crab Soup, a big spinach salad and sausage cheddar biscuits.

The Gullah brand has a few go to products and the she crab soup is made with the packaged mix and fresh Carolina crab meat.  I simply used a nice shrimp stock from the saved shrimp shells that I have frozen instead of the water that is called for adding a deeper seafood flavor, but still very mellow.   Dust the finished bowls of soup with a little seafood seasoning and chopped chives or green onions…see I can do easy and cheat, but I demand good fresh seafood!

With Thanksgiving and The Christmas Season approaching, I am hoping to post a few quick dinners and special feast items because I will be as busy, yes I decorate for us even if it just us for Christmas…I would love some feedback on some of your holiday traditions…