Thinking Outside the Spaghetti Box – Marinara for Spaghetti to Make Me Smile

I say to my industrialist friends, when you have guests from out-of-town, I don’t care how important they are, you should feed them the essence of Italian culture: spaghetti, bread and olive oil.
Brunello Cucinellimarinara with egg4

On any given Sunday around our table you can find a nice warm bowl of pasta of some sort and today was no exception, well maybe that I didn’t make the sauce since my neighbor called after making his big pot of sauce.  Now how did he know that I was going to eat some kind of pasta tonight?  With a lazy day filled with football and rain, nothing else would do, or would there be an over the top version in front of me since I didn’t have to make the marinara, why surely a few things lingered in the fridge after grazing all day, a bowl of olives, a lonely sun-dried tomato and some chopped pepperoncini for starters and one egg too many to fit into the carton to top it all off…grate the sun-dried tomato over the pasta and garnish with fresh basil.

To finish, add a grate of pecorino Romano, a pinch of red pepper flakes and a one bowl dinner for the final quarter of the game today…delicious, serve with garlic bread or rosemary dinner rolls and a good glass of red wine.
Perfect for me, but Michael would enjoy all the meatiness of LA’s sauce and not join me in the spaghetti eggs-capade.