NASCAR, BBQ Chicken and a Good Pot of Beans & Potatoes

Finishing races is important, but racing is more important. Dale Earnhardt

bbq-chicken-platterJust when you think that spring is busting out all over here comes 30º nights again, but with a couple of projects going and a fine day for catching up with shows, movies and a NASCAR race, I’ll be sufficiently entertained throughout the day, ultimately sitting down to a nice comfort food bowl of beans, potatoes and tasty tender BBQ chicken off the grill.  I love the little rotisserie basket that are made for grills and my little one will actually hold two small chickens and great for other

We were chuckling about the condition of some green bean recipes these days and while I love tender crisp versions, Mike was raised on and loves the completely cooked recipes so with that in mind I took out the last of the ham shank cooking broth for beans and soups that I save to use in recipes like this one…

The rotisserie BBQ chicken glaze was just a simple off the cuff recipe, but you can use a prepared BBQ Sauce of choice.  Local honey was the basic ingredient today with add-ins of common sauce additions, chili sauce, ketchup, Worcestershire, soy sauce, garlic smoked paprika, chili powder, just whisked together to apply after about 20 minutes of rotisserie time, basting from time to time until chicken is cooked through, my small chicken was on the grill for at lease an hour.

*Notes:  I also marinated the seasoned chicken in the Food Saver marinating canister for a few hours.

I have a chicken rub blend that I make up and store in sealed jars, but you can find so many pre-made rubs in a lot of grill shops or grocery stores.  I encourage you to make one that you can call your own and a step in that direction for some basics is found at Delish…link below.  I seem to gravitate towards the sweet and smoky for chicken and I’m sure that you can find some pretty flavorful ones to get you started.

Simple enough to toss cleaned and trimmed green beans into a pot with a big fat ham shank broth, sweet chopped Vidalia onion to cook for about 20-25 minutes. Then toss in several halved yellow or red potatoes for another 15 minutes or until pierced easily with a knife or fork…remove the shank from the pot and spread meat and add back to the pot.  I like a little bit of a zip to mine so a bit of red pepper flakes goes in as well.  Serve hot season to taste.