Fish & Chips

Like Elvis would sing…
Didja’ Ever”Didja’ ever Didja’ ever get
Didja’ ever get one Didja’ ever get one of them days boy bDidja’ ever get one of them days, boy
Didja’ ever get one of them days When nothin’ is right from mornin’ till night
Didja’ ever get one of them days
Didja’ ever get one of them days…

That describes my today and now I can’t get rid of that ear worm tune!  Of course I love Elvis even watching Sun Records on CMT…with that said a day of setbacks, maybe, just maybe I can pull off a decent dinner. We bought  fish for dinner and I was destined to have a decent fish and chips dinner like Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall/River Cottage would serve or in my case at least like his method.  As I began some prep work I discovered the one of the two russet potatoes was rotten in the center in fact the potato had to go so now with one potato to share, like that was going to happen I decided to make fried sweet potatoes as well.  Then for the batter, yep no flour and thank you Cindy, I bought some today!  I was determined to get the job done, but I couldn’t reach the deep fryer so the cast iron pan got hired again, but so messy and major cleanup…yes, that kind of day, but on the brighter side, lovely fish and chips for dinner.

What a great joint effort at River Cottage and to quote, “This is THE recipe for the perfect fish and chips. Perfected over the years by Gill Meller, Hugh and the rest of the River Cottage team. A great way to impress anyone.”
Hugh’s recipe is not the least bit complicated and for the first time I did follow his recipe for a change…I made a little fresh tartar sauce for Mike, but the malt vinegar was perfect for me, what a treat.  Link to the original recipe below…for a decent tartar sauce minus the boiled eggs call for in River Cottage, blend 1 cup of may, zest and juice of 1/2 lemon, 1 tablespoons chopped capers, a sprig of fresh dill chopped, and two slices of crispy garlic dill pickles, finely chopped, a little white pepper, a dash of hot sauce, taste and add a little salt.  Cover and chill the sauce until serving time.

Fish and chips – slightly adapted

400g potatoes
300ml beer
200g flour
2 fresh fillets of pollock
500ml sunflower oil


Cut the chips to 2cm – 3cm thickness using whole of the peeled potatoes.
Simmer in water for 1 minute. Drain and let them air dry,

Heat oil to 320º. Put chips in for 5 minutes. Take the chips out and place on kitchen towel to absorb excess oil.
Now heat the oil to 320º. Put chips back in for 2-3 minutes until crispy and golden, drain and put back once more to finish.


Salt the pollock fillets. Add 200g of plain flour with seasoning of salt to a large bowl. Add beer slowly and whisk flour with enough beer to turn into double cream consistency with no lumps.

Dip fish in and then into the oil at 320ºC for 2-3 minutes until crispy and golden, drain and put on kitchen towel briefly before serving.