Good & Simple…Two fer Ideas

Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth; it is the time for home.

Breakfast Toast with lemon, Salt Pepper, & a Pinch of Favorite Seasonings

And maybe just a bit on the healthy side..I have been cooking since Christmas New Year’s Day celebrations, but I just haven’t had a whole lot of time to update here and pretty have been much making easy, quick, and fun dinners.  With all of the cold weather and yes, snow it has been fun to come up with belly-warming hot bowls of soups, stews and pasta dishes.  I made a big pot or two of bone broth and I’ve enjoyed using the broth for so many things that I am going to make more to store in the freezer since it is such an easy process when you bring in the Instant Pot or slow cooker…

One of my favorite things to make with some of the bone broth is a hot bowl of spicy Asian dipping noodles (Tsukemen) for any day lunches and if you are an Asian noodle fan you will find this an easy bowl of goodness to make with just a few basic ingredients and of course very adaptable.  Many recipes add chicken and julienned carrots, cucumbers, whatever you prefer atop your noodles…dipping noodles can be a bit of a struggle if you are not familiar with chopsticks, but fun to eat, a little splattering a lot of slurping sounds as slurping is acceptable in many Asian countries, in fact, it might be considered rude not to slurp.  Such a simple process, grab your chopsticks, dip noodles in the broth, and slurp away…chef Morimoto even has a dipping noodle how to online in case you need a visual, link below.  Just fun and so good for that “I’m craving Asian” moment.  I tried to post the link to the YouTube Morimoto how to, but of course, it was too much…look for how to eat Tsukemen YouTube episode #71.  Below there is a good basic starter recipe link, but feel free to look around at others and adapt to your own tastes…Enjoy