Charro Beans for Dos & Mojo de Ajo Shrimp

If 40 is the new 30 and 50 is the new 40, why can’t Thursday be the new Friday?

I didn’t even think about the “taco Tuesday” side of today when I headed into a little charro beans and shrimp tacos idea, so I just went on about my business gathering ingredients for what I thought would be a long cooking bean episode courtesy of the Instant Pot slow cooker feature, but boy was I surprised how quickly it all came together once I par cooked the dried beans for about an hour…I thought it would take about 3 additional hours and 1 hour more or less was enough time.

Since I was only making beans for 2-4 I started with 4 ounces of beans rather than one pound and once cooked ended up adding two cans of seasoned pinto beans to the pot just because they were so good!

I am going to link to both recipes because I changed a lot of things to expedite the process for myself, but I love both recipes and great for a Mexican dinner night at home…a lot of prep ahead.  

The shrimp was really good, I halved the recipe for two of us and was very careful with the amount of chipotle chilies adding in the adobo sauce a little at a time first and then just a bit of the chipotle, pepper but honestly, the adobo sauce would be sufficient for people that just want a little of the heat in their sauce.  Also, there might be too much of the oil and garlic so use as much as you are comfortable with…all in all good served with a lightly dressed slaw, green onions, a little more cilantro and a squeeze of like.