Chiles Rellenos

“People who love to eat are always the best people. – Julia Child”

Perfect timing for a casserole or sheet pan dinner after a busy day or two of putting the last of the Christmas decor away I needed something easy and delicious at the end of the day and quite possibly setting the tone for cooking this week.

Chiles Rellenos ranks high on my list of favorite Mexican dishes and of course so many recipes to choose from, but I’m inspired by Rick Bayless’ recipe in this department and a far cry from the simple casserole version that I made the last week.  While easy enough the casserole failed to wow me and with plenty of versions to choose from, I’ll check out and try them out, but for now, my casserole morphed into Rick Bayless’s recipe, well that is to say providing that I had everything on hand and of course I didn’t and in the end my cheesy chiles rellenos we great and each portion was served in an individual casserole dish atop freshly made salsa…

You might need to take a peek at a YouTube video for preparation instructions if you have never made them, try this one, How To Make Chiles Rellenos | Chile Relleno Recipe | Hilah Cooking, and keep in mind that it can be a little messy and she gets a little too aggressive on the folding in aspect of the batter…just a basic visual of the process.

The fun part of the chilies rellenos for me today was finding such an array of cheeses in the cheese drawer, this always happens on our trip to Trader Joe’s or Lidl’s where the cheeses are too much to resist for cheese lovers. A little of this and a little of that was the theme of the day for my chilies and wow what a nice surprise in the end since I selected a wonderful imported manchego, coarsely grated it,  and a zesty mini brie a nice mellow combination…while there is no real recipe attached to this post there are plenty of recipes out there to try and by all means try a chiles casserole as well.

Enjoy for brunch or dinner.

Have a great day and enjoy…link to FN recipe

Notes:  Not sure about the pecans and raisins, but I might try Mario Batali’s next…The Chew