Saturday Pizza Night…Michael’s Favorite and No Snow

“Snowing is an attempt of God to make the dirty world look clean.” —Mehmet Murat Ildan,

…And, damn the rain again so oven time instead of grill time in order, but I’ve never been disappointed with that process since I have great pizza stones and great high heat beast ovens.  Ruth’s pizza for “Michael”, perfect for my Michael, with a twist, of course, lots of twists naturally.  My, Michael didn’t care for the capers idea and it was way too late for pizza dough so he grabbed two short loaves of ciabatta bread at the store (we really are so lucky to have great choices in the stores these days), half the plan solved and a quick 20 or so minutes later a tasty homemade sauce was ready along with some of his favorites on pizza “bread”.

Crispy, crunchy pizza and a salad for a cold wet Saturday night…and oops, my anchovy pizza ciabatta photo version oh so far to the left, damn…

Slice the ciabatta in half-length lengthwise, heat oven to 375º and toast for 7-8 minutes, a little tinge of golden on the edges, pull it out, sauce and decorate, bake until hot and bubbly, approximately 5 minutes, pull out, turn pan and finish with shaved cheese, melt the cheese a little…hot cheese, hot pizza, hot pizza sort of like Ruth’s and my Michael will like it!

Use any fresh homemade (yes, my sauce always has anchovies in it) or jarred sauce that you love to slather on your pizza, I loved the blend of shaved cheeses that we used available at Sam’s Club over the top of the pizzas, in fact, I absolutely blew off Ruth’s recipe, but now really I had the anchovies on mine, no pepperoni, and yes loaded with capers!

Trust me a great pizza night and thanks Ruth for Michael’s favorite pizza inspiration…next time my dough and on the grill pizza night!

Link to Ruth’s recipe.