Jaime’s Pork Schnitzel

Crazy Oktoberfest Fact #8…Albert Einstein actually worked at Oktoberfest when he was young, putting up beer tents.

Oktobrfesting at the cooking club so I chose Jaime Oliver favorite, adapted to my liking…had this just last night what a crazy coincidence…

Always a big hit around here is a hot platter of thinly sliced pork schnitzel making for a nice comfort food Sunday dinner, crispy gently seasoned flavorful cutlets that Michael freely admits that he could eat pork or chicken schnitzel every night of the week, to which I say, go for it and let me know when you perfect the recipe, to the guy who doesn’t cook!

Schnitzel is rather easy using the classic three-ingredient breading process and remembering to season each ingredient with pinches of salt and pepper with a bit of a twist for my recipe, nothing uncommon but using crispy panko crumbs instead of breadcrumbs.  My other little treat to my cutlets is the addition of a seasoning that I get from The Spice House, Bavarian Seasoning, a concoction…”Bavarian-style crushed brown mustard, French rosemary, garlic, Dalmatian sage, French thyme and bay leaves. This blend was previously called ‘Bavarian Seasoning.”

I started with six pork cutlets, very thinly sliced (Publix) and pounded to make them even thinner and sprinkled them with seasoning.  Have ready your breading pans or dishes, lightly season the panko, eggs, and flour with a bit of the Bavarian seasoning or salt and pepper.

Have read a large sauté pan (large enough to hold three cutlets at a time without crowding).

I bread my cutlets lay them on a parchment covered sheet pan and refrigerate for at least an hour or more to set crumb coating.

Lightly coat the cutlets with flour, shaking off excess, dip into
egg to coat both sides and finally into the panko crumbs to thoroughly coat cutlet…set onto parchment paper and cover with another sheet of parchment and refrigerate all breaded cutlet.

It doesn’t take much EVOO to sauté the pork in, start with a tablespoon and 1/2, heat, drop a few breaded scraps from the cutlets they should sizzle…I heated on medium-low then up to medium as my range top cooks hot, fry until golden on one side turn and finish the other side, dab the cutlet on 2 thicknesses of paper towels, set on platter and garnish when all of the cutlets are done…favorites, fried sage leaves, chopped parsley, and lemon wedges.

Serve with a favorite warm potato salad…Mike’s favorite
Mediterranean Potato Salad

Enjoy!  Click Enjoy to link to Jaime’s video

Crazy fact two…It is forbidden to drink any beer other than Munich-brewed beer at Oktoberfest. The beer must have been brewed in the city walls and come from one of six special history breweries. This is designated “Oktoberfestbier” – and all of the breweries are very very proud to be making it!