Holiday or Sunday Dinner, Like in the Old Days…


Sunday dinner is the perfect day to refuel your soul and be grateful for each and every one of your blessings.

Well, I got it in me to have a nice Sunday roast beef dinner and since it was just two of us, it sure wasn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg for a decent cut of beef a cut of a rib roast with two-3 bones worked quite nicely with plenty of leftovers and bones enough for a hearty pot of Instant Pot beef and barley soup leaving nothing but bits, pieces and, fat for the trash bin.  I was going to sous vide the small roast, but it was in the process of being returned and another on order so we went to oven roast and it was easy if you have a handy dandy meat thermometer, first roasted for 10-15 minutes at 425º and then lowered to 350º for about an hour and 15 minutes…look for Mark Bittman, “Classic Prime Rib for a Small Crowd”  since I can’t post links on my blo0g any longer.

Mark Bittman’s recipe from How to Cook Everything’s Classic Prime Rib for a Small Crowd was a good starting point, but I really wanted a bit more in the herby flavor department and I have been dying to test drive a red wine sauce for maybe a holiday or two around the corner so I amped up the roast, brushing it with a previously made little stash of garlic EVOO, with plenty of herbs, stuffed in a few cloves of garlic, and roasted the cut for the appropriate time according to Bittman’s recipe…we enjoyed our little Sunday dinner and even ate like we were sitting down to dinner at a nice restaurant, you know what I mean, where they serve you a salad first, well, that was my little period of time to rest before diving in and taking on the rest of dinner.  

I made a side dish of herb-roasted baby potatoes and buttery carrots Vichy, both simple dishes with not much hands-on time…now the red wine sauce was about the most hands-on time that I spent on dinner, but in the end, I am happy to say that the sauce was a wonderful keeper recipe from Fine Cooking.

So think about a Sunday roast beef dinner and consider other nice cuts of beef just ask your local butcher to suggest something meant for serving a nice tender roast or keep an eye on the sales and stash them in the freezer for another day and keep Sunday dinner alive

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3 thoughts on “Holiday or Sunday Dinner, Like in the Old Days…

    1. Not really, but working on it and trying to find easy dinners for 2-4 ahead of time as we share our holidays with friends and families, going here and there, but keeping it local. I have friends that leave town for Thanksgiving and Christmas so we have small dinners from time to time and then one big bash dinner/usually for 10-18 before everyone gets gone and doing for Christmas. After all of that, we look forward to the eve and day at home unless some lone couple joins us. Loving the Instant pot and the sous vide repertoire that I am creating to choose from to alleviate the heavy-duty work.

  1. Holy Cow, the last picture looks incredible! I love the crusty end pieces of rib roast (they hold all the texture and flavor). Delicious!

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