Summer Dinner Easy & Support Your Local Growers

What a fun week of celebrating summer and our local fresh produce stands a great source for seasonal goodies including fresh local Bogue melons, tomatoes, lettuce, corn, okra, the list goes on an abundance of all at this time so enjoy it all while it lasts if you have local produce growers.    

We had a fantastic dinner Saturday night thanks to several sources, fresh eggs from John & Janet, fresh tomatoes, lettuce, and mint from Bert & The Farm at Bogue, I contributed other fresh herbs from my porch herb boxes.   A wonderful frittata and fresh garden salad, can’t beat that fresh and easy.

I drizzled cut tomatoes with EVOO, balsamic vinegar added torn fresh basil and mint…sprinkled my homemade Greek seasoning over with just a squirt of lemon juice.  Toss and serve over fresh butter lettuce or lettuces of your choice.  
Pick a favorite frittata recipe and don’t be afraid to do some adapting with things that you love, today I added spinach heirloom tomatoes, crispy pancetta, grated Gruyére cheese, and fresh herbs.
Dinner’s on…

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