Marbella, Meet Isaias


Well, talk about party crashers here comes Hurricane Isaias storm and dinner topic just in time for our little “let’s celebrate” dinner and one of Michael’s favorite dinner dishes from the early 80’s one of the first dishes that I made him, but since that time it has appeared maybe once a year if that much, well once I got started making the dish this time I vowed to make it a staple once again for us or maybe for a company dinner like this time, but fear not it won’t appear at every get-together, not even close.  I once knew someone that adopted it as her “signature” (rolling eyeballs) dish and served it at every one of her gatherings, perhaps why we didn’t have it again for a few years.

This is a great company dinner as it doesn’t keep you in the kitchen the entire time and allows for a brief sit down with guests for a change.  I made the salad in the morning and the rice was finished and kept warm as guests arrived.  Thanks for the wonderful appetizer and wine contributions from my friends.

I finally succumbed and bought the Kindle version of the Silver palate stashing the tattered torn version on the giveaway shelf the Kindle version is so much more convenient in the kitchen now.

You can find the recipe everywhere including Ina Garten’s, but for the life of me why she refers to it as “updated” is beyond me since a quick glance revealed identical ingredients.  So on with it, the original with slight changes or additions of mine, like trading out part of the red wine vinegar for white balsamic and adding dried cranberries with a few toasted pine nuts to top the finished dish.

Hopefully, I’ll have some pictures of the finished dish, but it is always a busy time with dinner guests about, but the photo of the chicken marinating is kinda pretty, huh?  Maybe a plate of leftovers tomorrow though.

A pretty salad with Bert’s lettuces and freshly picked figs on the menu along with some pretty yellow rice…Click below to print the recipe from the Silver Palate Cookbook, slightly adapted…

Chicken Marbella