Dorie’s Beggar’s Pasta

May you never be too grown up to search the skies on Christmas Eve.

One of my favorite pasta dishes from the past from Dorie Greenspan is our new guest chef at I ❤️ Cooking Clubs I begin with this dish that I made in 2020 and it now resides in my favorites file. Its a thought for an Easter pasta course to go with our pork loin dinner.

Christmas season is perhaps not like any other that we have experienced we certainly give more thought to whom we share our days of celebrations with and how to celebrate keeping as close to our cherished traditions as we can. I have scaled back considerably and our annual Christmas dinner with friends had to be canceled so we share and celebrate the season with close friends a few at a time.

At present we plan ahead of time as many of the stores are not carrying a lot of the special ingredients that we normally have available nor do we want to run in and out of stores so creating menus can be a bit of a task, but so far so good using as many of our “Covid” shopping methods and guidelines as possible. While it takes some extra planning I am enjoying the order and pick up that many grocery stores are offering.

Last night we enjoyed a favorite pasta dish from Dorie Greenspan one that stays in my go-to favorite files and just the unexpected flavors from sweet additions surprise everyone. I always have dried fruits and nuts in the pantry especially in the fall and winter months of the year to add to salads and other dishes.

Head to the link below for the full recipe.—pasta-with-brown-butter-dried-fruits-and-nuts