Happy New Year & Oh What a Year…

Every year you make a resolution to change yourself. This year, make a resolution to be yourself

I certainly hope that your 2022 year ending celebrations were great celebrations and all that you hoped/planned for. By now you can pretty much count on me and my independent thinking/breaking the rules…as in year end celebrations this year I still didn’t follow most recipes to the T and brought my own substitutions in the ingredients column…a lot.

In October I dropped a heavy object on my foot and shortly thereafter I was hospitalized for three weeks with a foot injury that has kept me attached to a wound vac until today the recovery process is a long one and keeps me reclined with my foot up for a great deal of time, I have slowly gone back into the kitchen to plan and make easy dinners for the two of us and several family members and friends have contributed dinners for us over the last couple of months which we greatly appreciated especially during the holidays, A big thanks everyone.

We managed a small (table full of 10) holiday dinner party which was a great perk up to celebrate the season we served a lobster bisque in bread bows and added chunks of shrimp and scallops to really celebrate. Melon and prosciutto appetizers, a great salad, and a wonderful chocolate cake for dessert (Baked by Twila).

I’m still gaining strength so I time my menu and cooking times so as not to wear myself out nor am I on my feet too long which I did do a few times so I learned something…never drop a frozen lasagna in a glass Pyrex container on your foot.

I’ve learned new tricks for cooking during this time the biggest trick is saving time in the kitchen especially in the prep of meals. It is now a habit to shop for prepared ingredients and I’m always surprised at the availability of products given my pickiness and I am happy to fork over the price difference for someone else to do the prep work.

So to begin anew this week I started off with a wonderful Waldorf salad inspired by many of our guest chef’s at the cooking club and of course what ingredients are available in the veggie bin and I begin with wonderful fat radishes thinly sliced and added to my other choices of halved grapes, chunks of whatever apples that I chose from the basket, chopped parsley, chopped celery and celery leaves to start with..a little mayo and lemon juice for the “dressing” along with salt and pepper. All gently blended and refrigerated ahead of time.

I have pears ripening so I look forward to a similar salad maybe at week’s end for a tasty NYE dinner…

Happy New Year Everyone!


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