Sunday Roast Beef

In the ‘Mad Men‘ era, the archetypal dad came home; put down his briefcase; received pipe, Manhattan, roast beef, potatoes, a key-lime pie; and was – apparently – content.
Sandra Tsing Loh

It has been some time since we have had a “Sunday roast beef” dinner. I had a real craving for an easy-ish kind of dinner that I could cook and sit out the majority of on-my-feet effort, enter the sous vide process with a quick finishing sear…now for what roast to choose for this dinner, and thanks to the week;y sale circulars I ended up with a hefty hunk of strip loin roast that turned out to be an excellent choice and in our house, this roast would become several meals as it weighed in at 6+1/2 pounds. I halved the roast and froze 1/2 for another time while. I did a little fat trimming and then seasoned the fat cap with lots of salt, placed it on a rack inside of a half-sheet pan, and stashed it in the fridge (uncovered)…dry brining for at least 2 days.

Day of I tossed the roast into a food sealer bag and sprayed it with a little EVOO, squished it all around the roast covering the entire roast, and placed sprigs of rosemary and thyme over the top and bottom of the roast, finally sealing for sous vide 4-hour bath at 130º. Just before carving I seared the roast on all sides. While most people would like a big slab of meat I chose to serve thin slices

Side dishes for Sunday roast beef dinner roasted baby potatoes and prosciutto-wrapped roasted asparagus…

You bet I will keep an eye out for that $5.99 a pound strip loin roast and in the meantime, we will enjoy wonderful french dip sandwiches tonight and I froze the rest for another roast beef hash breakfast or dinner.


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