Pizza Night


 Aubrey Plaza

We love pizza night around here + never are the pizzas the same, but so good out of the pizza oven, tonight’s pizza is a pretty simple new to us version featuring ricotta cheese, castelvertrano olives, a simple pizza sauce, fresh oregano, and homemade Italian sausage. You can make your own pizza crust whichever one you like or some grocery store offer some pretty good made that day doughs in the bakery department. We decided to try Publix dough since pizza for dinner dinner was almost a last few hours decision and my favorite dough is an overnight version (Roberta’s) and takes another 2 hours or so to be ready for the oven. “Olive” my pizza oven takes about 1+1/2 minutes to finish a pizza so we are hoping for the best on our store bought dough.

Choose any one of our guest chefs pizza sauces at the cooking club for your pizza or use your favorite version or doctor up a good canned sauce. Today I made a simple basic sauce for two pizzas using my favorite Italian canned cherry tomatoes, garlic, fresh oregano, and basil, easy and done in a few minutes.

This pizza is just one in a long line of recipes to try and as I say we are not sure about the last minute dough choice…report on that coming soon. in the mean time enjoy a photo or two of previous pizzas with my homemade dough…the pizza and dough was very good, but I still prefer my own dough. Great last minute dinner.


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