Ina’s Outrageous Brownies & Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas

By far one of the best brownie recipes that I’ve ever made and by my own admission mentioned numerous times over the years, baking is not my favorite sport…for better or worse I prefer made from scratch recipes rather than a cheater, cheater starting with box recipe mixes, I guess I find too many odd/artificial tastes and ingredients for my own taste buds, but I have nothing against those that have great success with using box mixes.

So what a combination cooking day, but I don’t mind cheating on the enchilada recipe by incorporating the handy-dandy seasoned “grocery store rotisserie chicken”, plucked off all of the meat instead of going the process of cooking and slicing chicken as called for in the recipe.  BTW the recipe over at Food52 by Holly is where I began and did little to change her recipe as in the end it was perfect, enough chicken for 8 enchiladas and plenty of cheesy sauce to make Michael happy.  Naturally, I need a little heat so I added some good and spicy jalapenos and a touch of smoked paprika sprinkled over the finished dish, perfect addition, but I still need a little something in that chicken filling, stay tuned, I’ll figure it out!  More to come later, fabulous enchiladas link below to Food52


Back at the brownies and since I didn’t change a thing I must simply link to the original recipe, but keep in mind that this is a large sheet pan recipe and for the first time I paid attention and did not run to get one of my old pans out, used, but gently used, thoroughly cleaned, liberally buttered and floured still left me just a bit hesitant, what no parchment?  Baker that I’m not, I pulled this off!  By all means, try Ina’s recipe and at no better time, but for Christmas goodies time…