More on the Primo Grill & Adam Perry Lang Recipes

We’ve enjoyed everything cooked on the Primo Oval Ceramic Grill especially the recipes from Adam Perry Lang’s cookbooks, Serious Barbecue, Charred and Scruffed, and BBQ 25.

I previously posted the Bone-in Pork Butt with Green Apple and Crushed Hot Red Pepper,  the best BBQ pork I’ve had and since then,  grilled flat-iron steak marinated in red wine, grilled shrimp, burgers with griddled onions, bubbling bacon butter beans, and new potatoes with Old Bay/Phillips Seafood Seasoning and dill, grilled cod and chicken breasts, and carbonara potatoes.  I am a huge fan of butter and Lima beans and his recipe did not disappoint then along with the potatoes, I tossed in a few baby peppers and sweet onion slices as a side dish for the steak.  So many dishes and the best I can do for now is send you to his site or you can google some of the individual Adam Perry Lang recipes.  A good many of them can be found and that way you can get a taste for his methods and complete recipes.

Lang’s ingredients lists and preparations are not for the lazy cook and I am following each recipe exactly as written with perfect results each time.  Truly amazing flavors emerge from each dish using common ingredients from the spice cabinet and pantry.  The guy sure likes butter and bacon and with his idea of a “board sauce” grilled foods get an extra hit of flavor…

So I’m rained out and unless the weather clears, no grill tonight.  Enjoy and by all means try his recipes, you won’t be disappointed.

APL’s Grilled Chicken Breasts served with Carbonara Potatoes
APL’S Flat-iron Marinated in Red wine and Bubbly Bacon Butter Beans
Bonus ~ Leftover Steak Sandwiches
Sliced, add grilled onions, peppers and melt provolone cheese
APL’S Burgers & Griddled Onions
APL’S Halibut Recipe adapted ~ Cod
APL’S Potatoes with Old Bay & Dill ~ in Foil